"Who Do You Think You Are?" with Ace

Hi! Ace here.

House Cosmopolitan is an architecture and design house that is headed by myself but aims to include others either through collaboration or (potentially one day) future permanent house members. As that happens, I intend on having those individuals introduce themselves through seven small stories that make up who they are.

Hook ‘Em!

Hook ‘Em!

1. I’ve clapped because someone started “Deep in the Heart of Texas.”

I am a fifth-generation Texan, born and raised deep in the heart of Texas. I attribute my intrepid friendliness to it, though don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am also an alumnus of The University of Texas in Austin.

2. As a kid I spent the majority of my beach time building sandcastles.

I grew up mostly in and around San Antonio, so Corpus Christi was the destination for summer. I cite that and my early obsession with Legos as the major reasons I became an Architect.

3. I got in trouble once by my choir director for singing the high note in “Think of Me” from the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ over and over.'

I was a choir boy all through middle and high school and even did a cappella in college. I don’t really practice like I used to, but if you’re interested in going to a karaoke bar I am down!

4. I met one of my good friends in German class while working on a ‘Fussball’ presentation together.

I dare you to find a more photogenic dog.

I dare you to find a more photogenic dog.

I grew up around both Spanish and English and can speak both. I took German and Italian while in school and can speak them to varying degrees of fluency.

5. When my dog was little I put sambal oelek at the edge of carpet so he’d stop chewing it.

I have a dog named Beauregard and he lives back in Texas with my family. He a barker but will love you within 10 minutes of meeting you.

6. One of my first weekends living in Seattle was when the Seattle Sounders won the MLS cup. I watched the final at Buckley’s in Belltown.

Me before starting another walk during a trip to Puerto Vallarta.

Me before starting another walk during a trip to Puerto Vallarta.

I moved to Seattle at the end of 2016 for a job and my timing could not have been better! Ever since that evening I have been a Sounders fan through and through.

7. I tallied over 25 miles of walking during my first visit to San Francisco.

I believe the best way to get to know a new place is to walk around it as much as you can. Anytime I visit a new place or context for a project it’s the best way to inform the work I do. You never know what great spaces you might find either!

These are the stories that make me now, but I cannot wait to start another. Every new project that House Cosmopolitan starts is a new story waiting to be told; let us be the ones to tell your story.