Austin Vex

Ask someone from Austin to draw you the city’s flag and they will have a difficult time doing so. Ask a Chicagoan to do so for their city and they can do so effortlessly.

This design exercise was done to create a more distinct flag that spoke to the creative energy and eccentric style of Austin: the blue represents water and its importance to Austinites, the Violet Crown a nod to the city’s moniker “The Violet Crown City,” with six points representing the six flags that have flown over the capital.



Recode: LA

The recode:LA project is a six-year, comprehensive rewrite of the zoning code for the entire city of Los Angeles, California. By creating images that explained the proposed rules as well as developing concept models of the downtown zoning districts, the diagrams shown marked potential buildout scenarios without being tied to any architectural style. In this manner, Angelenos are invited in to develop their own ideas as to the design and use of each building and dream about what can fit into each box.

Responsibilities: Graphic Design, Editing

(Work completed as a member of the land use consultancy, Code Studio)