House Rules


Urban is the Future,

The City is Now,

Living Close Together,

The Question Is: How?

That is what House Cosmopolitan seeks to answer.

HC is founded upon a realization that cities are developing in a way that leaves a lot of people out of the equation and is simply too rigid for individuals to truly thrive. There are a lot of promises and thoughts to what living in a city looks like right now:

  • It’s Fun

  • It’s Exciting

  • There’s So Much To Do

but for a lot of individuals, it usually ends up like this:

  • It’s Isolating

  • It’s Ostracizing

  • It’s Expensive

  • It’s Hard To Get Around

So House Cosmopolitan was created as a way to combat these issues through architecture and do our part to make cities places where people belong; where individuals can truly thrive together, to live and become the best versions of themselves in areas that make that possible. This means not only focusing on creating simply more space for our clients, but space that has meaning, space that has impact, and space that truly speaks to who you are.

But how exactly do we make that happen?

This leads us to, the House Rules!

All House Cosmopolitan designs have five things in mind:

  1. Community Is Key

  2. Inclusivity, Not Exclusivity

  3. Sustainability

  4. Context, Culture, and Current

  5. Urban and Engaging

Cities are complex stages and people are complicated as well, but through custom, contextual, and couture work, House Cosmopolitan endeavors to set the stage for a resilient urban future for all, one project at a time.

Let us achieve your dreams of what it means to truly live in a city.